Stalking And Harassment Defense Attorneys In Pasadena

An arrest for stalking or a neighborhood dispute can be embarrassing and may lead to serious criminal consequences if connected to another crime such as a violation of a restraining order. At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, in Pasadena, California, we provide the aggressive defense you need to protect your rights and minimize the consequences you face.

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Our lawyers represent clients charged with various neighborhood disputes such as:

  • Civil stalking
  • Peeping
  • Trespassing
  • Harassment

Many of these alleged offenses occur after a domestic violence situation. Something as heartfelt and simple as calling to apologize for your actions can violate an order of protection. We are here to provide the aggressive and diligent representation you need.

Former Prosecutors Representing Your Rights

Attorneys Antony Myers and Meline Mkrtichian bring unique experience to the field of criminal defense and violent crimes. As former prosecutors, they know what evidence is needed for a conviction and how the prosecution will respond to various arguments from the defense. This insight helps us prepare negotiations that will convince the prosecutors to lessen or drop the charges and penalties.

Putting Together A Strong Defense

In handling your case, we first look at why you were accused of the crime and by whom. Was there an argument with a spouse, domestic partner, or boy or girlfriend that resulted in a false accusation? We can represent you or the party who made up the charge. Is an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or former spouse seeking revenge? Did someone misinterpret your actions?

Next, we review all possibilities for your defense, including whether the evidence against you was obtained by violating your rights or from an accuser who wants to retract the accusation but is prevented from doing so by an overzealous prosecutor, and whether there is even enough evidence to convict you at all. Based on our investigation, we put together a plan that is focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

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