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California takes domestic assault and other violent crimes very seriously. As a result, a simple accusation with little concrete evidence can be enough for a judge to grant a temporary restraining order. The consequences of a restraining order are devastating and far reaching. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side to protect your rights and prevent the order of protection from becoming permanent.

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At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, we defend clients accused of domestic violence or civil harassment. Our clients face the reality of a restraining order (TRO) or emergency protective order (EPO) and must deal with the serious implications these orders have on their lives. Some of our clients are denied access to their children. They may lose their jobs. And all deal with the social stigma of having a restraining order against them.

In representing our clients in violent crime cases and other cases, we take a two-fold approach. We represent you during the civil restraining order case, as well as address any criminal consequences stemming from the accusation itself — such as assault and battery charges. We investigate the facts of the case, interviewing witnesses and questioning the validity of the criminal accusation. Our objective is to minimize the impact of the entire situation.

Former Prosecutors Working For You

When you hire a lawyer from Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, you benefit from having a former prosecutor on your side. This insight allows us to effectively prepare for whatever may come up in the course of the criminal process. We are your dedicated advocates, and we will fight hard for a favorable outcome.

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