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Emotionally charged issues can result in accusations of domestic assault or spousal abuse. These cases may involve simple misunderstandings. No matter how thin the pancake, it still has two sides. Nevertheless, police will almost always make an arrest and prosecutors are unlikely to drop the charges. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need the help of a skilled lawyer to protect your rights.

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Insight Into The Prosecution's Handling Of Domestic Violence Cases

Having former prosecutors with the district attorney's office on your side in these violent crime family violence cases can be indispensable. Antony Myers and Meline Mkrtichian spent many years with the DA's office and have insights as to how prosecutors handle misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases. As criminal defense attorneys at Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, they bring that experience and knowledge to help you.

Forced From Your Home Through Protective Or Restraining Orders

Part of our practice of domestic violence defense at our law practices involves restraining orders and protective orders. These orders not only keep you out of your home, but also restrict your contact with your children. Merely speaking sternly to your spouse can result in a neighbor calling the police. If the police arrive, they will ask you to leave or they may arrest you.

Finding Resolution To Your Domestic Violence Case

With cases rife with emotion, we get to the facts. We treat all domestic violence cases diligently, discreetly and compassionately while focusing on a resolution that is best for all parties. That may require negotiating a lesser charge or dispositions through mediation. We fight to help you avoid a conviction that would follow you when you apply for new jobs or attempt to secure a license to carry a gun.

We protect the accuser as well as the accused. Not only is the person accused of family violence at risk. In the heat of the moment, it is common to level a false accusation. This moment of weakness can have devastating consequences for you, your children and the person you falsely accused. Antony Myers and Meline Mkrtichian will work with you to put right the situation while protecting you from the consequences of your accusation.

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