Assault And Battery Lawyers In Pasadena

A conviction for assault and battery can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Your possibility of getting a job will decrease dramatically and you may even have trouble finding a place to live. At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, we use our experience and knowledge of the local legal system to benefit our clients and pursue positive outcomes.

If you have been accused of assaulting someone or committing battery, you need to protect your rights. Contact Pasadena Criminal Attorneys now at 626-376-4354 to get an aggressive defense to an alleged offense.

Representing Adults And Juveniles Charged With Assault

We represent adults and juveniles charged with various misdemeanor and felony assault crimes and other violent crimes. As former prosecutors, Antony Myers and Meline Mkrtichian are thoroughly familiar with the legal system. Even before any charges are filed, they meet with the prosecution and the detective on the case. At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, our objective is to find the best outcome for your case so it does not affect the rest of your life.

Minimizing The Impact Of An Assault Charge

In representing clients charged with assault, we strive to keep a conviction off their criminal record or minimize jail time. We investigate the facts of your case, dissecting the statements of witnesses. Many times, self-defense or defense of others was an issue in the assault. You may have been justified or felt threatened. The stakes are too high for you to be found guilty for a serious crime of violence.

Diversionary programs and other options are available that can keep you out of jail. A single misstep should not result in jail time, nor should it affect the rest of your life. We serve as your most diligent and dedicated advocate in minimizing the impact of an arrest or criminal conviction.

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