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At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys in Pasadena, California, we focus on the following areas of practice:

Asset forfeiture — If the government suspects that you have used property or money for illegal activities, they will attempt to take those assets. We represent the client in either civil or criminal asset forfeitures.

DUI/DWI defense — At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, we handle all aspects of a DUI / DWI defense. From the DMV hearing to litigating your case in court, we will aggressively represent you and your constitutional rights.

Drug crimes and medical marijuana defense — Were you targeted for a drug crime? Were wiretaps used? An informant? Our job is to find out why you were the focus of a narcotics investigation and safeguard your privacy and the privacy of your family and friends from government intrusion. We will protect your rights.

Domestic violence defense — We handle misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases, including protective orders. The consequences of a conviction are serious, including losing your constitutional right to possess firearms.

Traffic violations and license offenses — If you are charged with a traffic violation, we can represent you without you having to appear in court. We can handle your case so you will not lose any time out of your personal and professional life.

Stalking, harassment and neighborhood disputes — Have you been accused of stalking a former girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or co-worker? Has a neighbor made false accusations against you? We have experienced handling these and other similar cases.

Assault and battery cases — From negotiating with the prosecutor to avoid a charge or litigating a felony or misdemeanor case, we have experience in all aspects of assault and battery defense.

Homicides — We defend clients charged with murder with attention to all the details and evidence. Our job is to get to the facts of the case if you are accused of murder.

Theft credit card crime and white-collar crimes — Although crimes ranging from petty theft to embezzlement are not violent in nature, the penal consequences may be equally severe. If you have been accused of stealing or using a counterfeit credit card, we have extensive experience defending these types of cases.

Pimping and prostitution cases — We recognize that a prostitution or solicitation charge can cause great embarrassment. That is precisely why we can make the court appearance on your behalf if you have been accused of soliciting an act of prostitution. Whenever possible, we strive to head off the possible filing of charges through negotiation with the prosecutors. We will seek alternatives or dismissal on your behalf.

Sexual offenses — Have you been accused of a sex crime? We will protect your rights and help minimize or eliminate criminal penalties and social consequences.

Juvenile cases / Youthful Offenders — We defend minors against all criminal allegations. Whether the charge is vandalism, shoplifting, trespassing or something as serious as murder, we are there to protect your child's rights. We can also help if school-related disciplinary problems result in criminal charges.

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