Pasadena Attorneys Defending Against Accusations Of Bullying On Social Media

Lawmakers and law enforcement agencies have taken notice of the increasing numbers of suicides and other problems tied to online bullying. While there are no laws specifically criminalizing cyberbullying in California, law enforcement may charge cyberbullies with other crimes. These may be serious charges that put the accused's future on the line and they require defense from a lawyer adept at unique and complex legal matters.

Our attorneys know full well that a minor has First Amendment and Due Process rights protecting editorial commentary. In a post-Columbine world, the government can be obsessive and intolerant even where it is clear the alleged cyberbullying is protected speech. We work to prevent schools, prosecutors and courts from imposing unreasonable and harsh punishment where an electronic communication neither specifically nor unequivocally threatens anyone's safety nor threatens a crime nor maliciously impersonates another. We protect a student from being punished for speech that doesn't materially or substantially interfere with discipline or schoolwork.

If you are the parent of a juvenile accused of bullying on social media, you need to act immediately. Contact Pasadena Criminal Attorneys now at 626-376-4354 to get an aggressive defense for an alleged offense.

Bullying Online

Bullying is no longer confined to school playgrounds. More and more, it occurs online. The cyberbully uses electronic communication such as cellphones, computers and tablets, and other tools including social media sites, text messages, chat rooms and websites to send texts, emails and social media posts for the purpose of demeaning a victim.

The cyberbully may use embarrassing images, videos or phony profiles. One child may post a blog that targets a classmate. Name calling and offensive remarks may be made on Facebook or Twitter. Disparaging pictures may be posted on Instagram or Tumblr. Children may not be able to hide in their own homes. This may lead to the alleged bully facing sanctions at school and potentially even criminal charges.

The surest way for law enforcement to prove the crime is to obtain an admission or confession from the accused — your child. Therefore, as soon as there is a suspicion the police or the school or government agency may be investigating your child, it is imperative to get the assistance of a practiced attorney.

Cyberbullying As A Criminal Matter In California

While there is no criminal charge specifically for bullying, the alleged bully may be charged with harassment, stalking, criminal threats or a similar crime. This can have serious repercussions, making juvenile crime defense representation extremely important. Our lawyers are committed to protecting your child's reputation. We want to keep your child in school and out of trouble. We understand the unique interactions that take place online among teenagers, and we know how to build solid defense strategies in these complicated Facebook bullying and online harassment cases.

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