Medical Marijuana Defense Lawyers

Marijuana use is allowed in California for medical purposes. However, medical marijuana users, growers and distributors are often charged with criminal offenses. They may be wrongly charged or they may have allegedly violated the laws that govern medical marijuana use. If you have been charged with marijuana possession or sale, you need a lawyer on your side who understands the nuances of medical marijuana laws like Proposition 215 and Bill 420.

Pasadena Criminal Attorneys know the law and can protect your right to use, grow or prescribe marijuana for treatment of medical conditions. We defend patients, doctors and other parties in these cases. Call 626-376-4354 or send an email today.

Violations Of Medical Marijuana Laws

For all involved, possession of a California Medical Marijuana Program identification card is necessary. This card does not grant unlimited rights. There are still guidelines regarding the number of ounces of marijuana a patient can possess and the number of cannabis plants that can be cultivated at once. There are also rules regarding where marijuana can be smoked.

Our lawyers handle cases involving people charged with marijuana crimes because they did not possess an identification card, or because of allegations that they used a fraudulent identification card. We defend against those who have been accused of possessing more medical marijuana than allowed or growing too many cannabis plants. We also handle cases in which people were charged with smoking marijuana in a prohibited location.

In addition to defending patients, we also defend doctors and other parties charged with drug trafficking, illegal sale and other drug crimes. These charges may be the result of improper distribution of prescription marijuana or other issues. We recognize that an aggressive defense is particularly important in these cases because a career may be on the line.

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