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When it comes to criminal defense, experience can make a big difference. An experienced lawyer will know the full range of options available to those accused of drug crimes. Depending on the circumstances, negotiation or trial may not be the only options. There may be other ways to avoid jail time and a criminal conviction. One of them is deferred entry of judgment (DEJ).

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Do You Qualify For DEJ?

If this is your first drug offense and you meet other qualifying criteria, you may avoid jail time and a criminal conviction by participating in a drug abuse treatment program. This practice is called deferred entry of judgment. It delays judgment for a certain time frame to allow you to demonstrate a willingness to correct your behavior. After 18 months, a judge may dismiss the charge if you successfully completed the drug counseling program.

You may qualify for DEJ, if:

  • This is your first drug crime charge
  • You were not charged with violent behavior
  • You have not violated parole
  • You have not completed a DEJ within the past five years
  • You have no prior felony conviction within the past five years

Our lawyers will assess your situation and help determine if you are eligible for DEJ. We will assist you in qualifying for the program if possible. You can be confident that we will do everything within our power and use our decades of experience to minimize the impact a drug charge has on your life and your future.

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