Challenging Breath And Blood Tests After A DUI Arrest

Did the results of a breath or blood test show that you had a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit? You may think that this is strong evidence against you, but often it is not as strong as it seems. There may be flaws in the evidence. No matter what the evidence looks like, you can still fight the DUI charge with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

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How To Find Flaws In BAC Test Results

It is important to understand that blood and breath tests involve the use of machines administered by people. People can make mistakes. Machines can be inaccurate. When our lawyers are challenging breath tests and challenging blood tests, we look at both the equipment itself and the individual police officer who used it.

Breath test machines are relatively delicate. They need to be properly maintained and calibrated. When defending you after a DUI arrest, we will request calibration and maintenance records. Frequently we find that the required maintenance of the machine has been neglected or that it has not been calibrated in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Police offers need to be trained on the use of breath tests. A minor misstep can result in inaccurate results. For example, there are rules regarding when the breath test is administered in relation to the traffic stop. Furthermore, the traffic stop itself may have been invalid, and we will review to determine whether that was the case.

Blood Tests Versus Breath Tests

Blood tests differ dramatically from breath tests, but they also have the potential for mishandling and false readings. Regardless of how your BAC was tested, we will take care to find any evidence of mistakes that could lead to evidence being thrown out.

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