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A criminal record and jail time are not the only consequences facing you if you are accused of a crime. You could lose hard-earned money and property. At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, we are committed to helping clients facing asset forfeiture in addition to criminal charges.

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In-Depth Knowledge Of Asset Forfeiture

Antony Myers not only established a criminal defense firm, but he is also a former prosecutor who served as the supervising district attorney in charge of the asset forfeiture program. In that capacity, he has worked with L.A.P.D., L.A.S.D., L.B.P.D. and almost every policy agency in Southern California as well as the FBI, DEA, ICE and other state and federal agencies. That experience has given him an insider's knowledge as to how the government seizes property that was allegedly acquired through or used for illegal activity.

Preventing Asset Forfeiture And Protecting Your Rights

At Pasadena Criminal Attorneys, we represent clients charged with drug crimes and RICO violations in federal and California state courts. Experience in the DA's office gives us the insight we need to establish a strong defense and prevent asset forfeiture.

In many cases, the government tries to seize money and property that had nothing to do with an alleged crime. It is presuming that anything you own was used to commit a crime. We use the facts to back up your claim opposing forfeiture. To forfeit what it seized, the government must prove that your money or property was the proceeds of or used to facilitate a drug offense or some other form of criminal conduct. An allegation is not proof. We will make the government carry its legal burden. Our job is to stop asset forfeiture and protect your rights, your property and your liberty during that process and throughout the entire course of your criminal case.

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