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People are wrongly convicted of crimes every day. Many receive punishments far more severe than they deserved. Often, this is because these people failed to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Perhaps they immediately accepted a plea bargain from the prosecution. Whatever the reason may be, they are now left to face harsh penalties and deal with a criminal record that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

This does not have to happen to you! You have rights. You cannot expect the prosecution to protect them. The Law Offices of Antony J. Myers Esq. and The Law Offices of Meline Mkrtichian are unaffiliated criminal defense practices dedicated to providing you with aggressive advocacy during one of the most difficult times in your life.

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Are you facing criminal charges? Do you need to protect your rights? Contact Pasadena Criminal Attorneys today at 626-376-4354 for experienced representation.

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With a combined three decades of experience as prosecutors, attorneys Antony Myers and Meline Mkrtichian formed Pasadena Criminal Attorneys to fight for ordinary folks accused of being criminals. Having worked side-by-side with prosecutors for 30 years, our insight is unique. We understand the process and the methods the state uses in when handling cases.

We have significant jury trial experience, having questioned and selected thousands of would-be jurors, researched and prepared hundreds of motions, and argued to juries on our clients' behalf in case, after case, after case. We can dissect cases and find nuances that may mean the difference between guilt and innocence in your criminal defense case. If you're not facing felony charges, it is likely you never will have to go to court unless you want to.

In Pasadena, San Marino, Glendale, La Canada, Arcadia, and throughout the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys, and Southern California, including the Inland Empire, we defend against charges such as:

We Are Your Allies

Adults and juveniles rely on our criminal defense attorneys for diligent representation when they have been arrested for a crime. We move quickly, knowing that time is of the essence. We conduct the necessary investigation and gather all of the facts. We build strong cases designed to win. Our clients also turn to us for skilled post-conviction representation such as expunging or sealing their criminal records.

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